HowTo: Eclipse SVN über SSH Tunnel

I have a subversion repository on my linux server that I need to access from outside. I want to establish a secure SSHconnection to my SVN repository. And all that from within Eclipse on Windows.

  • Check your proxy settings in Eclipse.
  • Install the Eclipse Subversion Plugin from (use the Eclipse internal update mechanism as described. Install everything, including the SVNKit
  • Eclispe → Window → Preferences → Team → SVN → SVN interface → choose: SVNKit (Pure Java)


  • Eclipse → SVN Repository Explorer → right click: New → Repository Location → URL:
    You must sepcify the full path to your repository directory location within your linux filesystem!


  • Then Eclipse will ask you for your SSH username and password.

Now the Repository should appear in the repository explorer perspective in Eclipse. Expand it and checkout the projects you want.

Some more background information

The Tigris Subversion Eclipse Plugin (Subclipse) gives you all the functionality you could dream of considering Subversion: Checkout, commit, compare and powerfull merging tools. If you want to connect to your subversion repository via SSH you additionally need an SSH client. If you are under a linux, you most probably already have a /usr/bin/ssh from the OpenSSH package installed. Under Windows you can use Plink from Putty, even Cygwin SSH or the pure java SSH implementation from SVNKit as described above