The complexity scanner

What if there was a scanner, that would be able to able to scan for complexity. Imagine a tool just like an infrared camera that shows a heatmap from dark green for low complexity up to bright red for high complexity. What would this scanner actully show on its display? What would be the brightest red thing? Would it be our brain? Or would it be a computer processor chip?

In terms of complexity per area I think it would be the computer processor. A modern computer processor nowadays is that small, and has so many switches per square milimeter that it surpases the complexity of a human brain.

But be carefull! Do not confuse complexity with intelligence. Complexity is a passive attribute of a system. When a system consinsts of a certain amount of elements that interact with each other, its behaviour cannot be determined, even if the interaction between each individual pair of elements is known. „The sum of all parts is greater than the whole.“

Some very disturbing situations may occure, when someone does not perceive the complexity of a thing. Very often I find myself in the situation that I (metaphorically described) see someone trying to repair a computer processor with a soldering iron. I fell the urge to cry out: „No, please stop! You will destroy your chip! A chip is far to complex. It cannot be repaired with a soldering iron.“ But it doesn’t help.


The best iPhone hiking map apps

If you like trecking or biking, you’ll provably have probably already heard of mapping apps for your smartphone. I’d like to present the apps that I use on my iPhone.


Outdoor Navigation ape@map

The basic version of Ape@Map is for free. It’s killer feature that distinguishes it from other apps is a very detailed topigraphic map (for germany and austria) for free. Of course it also support open maps such as OpenCycleMap and OpenStreetMap. ApeMap also has a 3D view. But its rendering is quite slow compared to the other apps.

Additional licences for professional maps (like the ones from „Kompass“) can be bought via in-app purchase. The app is quite easy to use, once you got used to their icon driven UI. Downloading of maps locally to your device for offline use is only possible with the professional version „ApeMap Pro“ which costs 21.99€

iPhone Screenshot 1   iPhone Screenshot 2

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Human Computer Interface

The QWERTY keyboard layout, as we know it today has been invented in 1873 for typewriters and has not been changed since then (except for for one or two pretty useless additional keys).  Within the next decades, there are two possibilities how the human-computer-interface may develop. A good one and a not so desirable one. Either computers adapt to us, that means, they finally will be able to really understand spoken languages, or humans have to adapt to computers. That might mean, that we will all have implanted USB-ports or something similar. Of course I hope, that development will go the former way, but who knows.


Website Design

For long time now, I have been playing around with the newest bleeding edge web technologies, such as client side javascript MVC frameworks (angularjs), new pre-compiler languages (coffeescript) and combination of both (spinejs). It was fun while playing. But in the end, nothing presentable came out. My repositories were all just experimental stuff.

Finally I found a real reason for a project. A motivation to change something. I am a candidate for the local city council for a ecologic party, that was co-founded by my father-in-law, more than twenty years ago.

And our party (defenitely!) needs a new homepage. Website Design weiterlesen